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Sustainable Living Starts Here

Here at GreenQube we blend quality cleaning with sustainability and convenience!

Delivering eco-friendly cleaning essentials that benefits our customers and our environment.

Unlock simple waste free cleaning for your home or business with refills delivered through your letterbox.

Treat your pet with ShamPaw and Pawfume for amazing coat care.

Dive into a world with multi active oxygen water care, replacing chlorine in your pool and hot tub!

Buy once or subscribe for savings. Simple, sustainable & superior!

Refillable Home Cleaning

Eco Pet Care


Active 02 Water Care

Sustainable Business Cleaning

Discover our Range of Eco Cleaning Products

Our wide range of eco cleaning products are designed to tackle every aspect of your home. From kitchens to bathrooms, floors to multi-surfaces, air fresheners to fabrics, and glass cleaners – our refills are colour coded to deliver simple sustainable cleaning.

With each refill qube, simply add warm water to your spray bottle, shake, and voila! You have a powerful and effective cleaning spray, without the harmful chemicals.

Pool Care Reimagined

Experience a revolutionary approach to pool maintenance with Green Qube’s Eco Cloro Water Care. This advanced chlorine alternative harnesses multi-active oxygen disinfecting, ensuring crystal-clear water without compromising the planet’s wellbeing. Dive into sustainability today.

Nature's Best for Your Pets

Discover Green Qube’s eco-friendly pet range. Our gentle yet effective shampoos and perfumes provide nature-powered care for your furry friends, proving that sustainable pet care is truly possible.

Our Eco-Cleaning Qubes

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