Save plastic & space at home with colour coded cleaning refills

Home Cleaning Essentials

Clean. Convenient. Conscious.

Our range of cleaning products are designed to make your life easier while reducing your environmental impact. Say hello to a pristine home with no plastic waste and refills that take up little space.

How It Works

1. Place Your Order

Choose your cleaning essentials.

2. Quick Delivery

Through your letterbox with Royal Mail UK, DPD & AnPost.

3. Add water

Simply mix your Qubes with warm water to make your cleaning sprays.

4. Clean Your Space

With a set of powerful, effective, ecological household cleaners.

5. Never
Run Out

Choose your delivery schedule and save.

Experience the Green Qube Difference

Our eco cleaning products cover every inch of your home, from kitchens to bathrooms, floors to multi-surfaces, air fresheners to fabrics, and even glass & shiny surfaces

Your powerful cleaners are colour coded to represent which area they clean.

Simply pop a refill into your re-usable bottle, add warm water to dissolve, then enjoy your quality, space and environmentally friendly cleaning experience.


Sustainability Meets

At GreenQube, we believe in the simplicity of sustainable cleaning

Our products are designed to be effortless and efficient, making your cleaning routine a breeze.

By reducing plastic waste and utilising eco-friendly materials, we’re committed to preserving our planet while simplifying your life.

Why Choose GreenQube?

Deliveries Through Your Letterbox

We understand that life is hectic, and waiting around for deliveries is a hassle. That’s why our products are conveniently delivered straight through your letterbox. No more wasted time or missed packages.

Save on Plastic
and Space

Our focus is on reducing plastic waste and creating more room in your home. With GreenQube, you’ll save on plastic and space, ensuring your cleaning routine is both efficient and sustainable.

Effortless Cleaning Efficiency

We prioritise effective cleaning without relying on harsh chemicals. GreenQube products ensure your home gets the thorough clean it deserves while saving space and plastic.

Shop Home Cleaners

Convenience at Your Doorstep

Life is busy, and we understand that.

With Green Qube, you can have peace of mind knowing that our planet-friendly home care products will be conveniently delivered through your letterbox.

No more waiting, no more inconvenience—just cleaning essentials ready for action whenever you need them.


Join the Green Qube Community

Be part of a community that values both your time and the environment.

Choose GreenQube for your eco-friendly home care needs and discover the convenience of having cleaning products delivered straight to your letterbox.

Embrace a greener future without sacrificing efficiency.

Clean. Convenient. Conscious.
GreenQube makes it all possible.

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