BLUSH Eco Toilet Cleaner, 750ml

Only £2.99


Bright pink toilet and drain cleaner,  replacing bleach round the world!

✨ sparkles Emoji on Google Platform Enzyme cleaning introduces a long term cleaning envionment

💧 droplet Emoji on Google PlatformBetter for our water table & drains

🍎  Fresh apple fragrance & superb shine

Recycling Symbol on Google Noto Color Emoji 15.0 Long life bottle for unlimited refills with our 5 Litre option

Seedling on Apple iOS 12.2 Hypoallergenic & vegan formula

🌍 globe showing Europe-Africa Emoji on Google Platform Blush is better than Bleach 


750ml white recyclable hdpe pelican bottle

Ingredients :

Powerful natural bacteria producing enymatic action and eco-Label biodegradable non-ionic surfactants.


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