Crystal Clear Water Clarifier 1L

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Pour crystal clear directly into your swimming pool or hot tub to quickly clarify your water!

  • Your water can be safe and clean but may be cloudy due to skin oils, swimwear or cosmetic tan.
  • Add crystal clear at your own leisure to completely control what is in your water. 

💧 droplet Emoji on Google PlatformSimply pour directly into your water (15ml per 1000 Litres for crystal clear results)

🌍 globe showing Europe-Africa Emoji on Google Platform Always test the pH and Eco Cloro of your water regularly





Can be used in:

Hot tub, swimming pool, jacuzzi and all types of swimming water. 

How to use:

If your water is cloudy add this solution and wait a few hours for water to clear. 

Pour directly into water, 15ml per m3 of water should clarify water, however you can repeat if water was very discoloured.

You can also use any form of manual / automatic dispenser. 


m3 of water is 1000 Litres. 

Your water can be clean and the correct pH however skin oils / cosmetic tan / swimwear can discolour completely safe water.

This is a concentrated formula so please pour and use with caution, using gloves and eye protection. 

Powerful Ingredients:

Contains 20% aluminium polychloride. 

Your 1000ml of Crystal Clear is contained within a sealed recyclable HDPE bottle.


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