Eco Cloro Essentials Bundle

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This Eco Cloro bundle contains all your essentials to maintain crystal clear, chlorine free water!

The perfect partner for gentle hot tub and swimming pool water.

Eco Cloro disinfects your swimming pool and hot tub water using multi active oxygen cleaning power. 

Amazing Benefits:

🌍 globe showing Europe-Africa Emoji on Google Platform Gentle for your eyes, skin and hair. 

🌍 globe showing Europe-Africa Emoji on Google Platform No chemical odour in the air or on your skin.

🌍 globe showing Europe-Africa Emoji on Google Platform You control exactly what goes into your water and when.

🌍 globe showing Europe-Africa Emoji on Google Platform Eco Cloro eventually biodegrades into oxygen and water. 

🌍 globe showing Europe-Africa Emoji on Google PlatformBetter for your filter and pump. 

💧 droplet Emoji on Google PlatformReplace chlorine with our revolutionary Eco Cloro formula today!

In this value pack you receive: 

  • Testing strips, measuring jug & user guide.
  • Eco Cloro (oxygenates & disinfects your water).
  • PH+ and PH- (to balance your pH to 7.4).
  • Crystal Clear ( to clarify water).
  • Water Stabiliser (conditions your water for longevity).


By having each liquid individually, you can completely control what goes into your water, rather that the typical chlorine infused chemical tablets that saturate your water with unnecessary chemicals including annoying old chlorine! 

Simply pour liquids directly into your water, so easy to use!





Can be used in:

Hot tub, swimming pool, jacuzzi and all types of swimming water. 

How to use:

All instructions and dosages are also on the back of each product bottle but the brief dosages and step by step instructions are also below: 

Initial Treatment: 70-100ml per m3 to start

Daily/Regular Treatment: Pour 10-20ml per m3 each day

Weekly Treatment: Pour 100ml per m3 twice each week.


Initial treatment starting with fresh water:

For your first treatment, please ensure water is free from chlorine, ideally starting with fresh water. 

Step 1: Stabilise your water with your water stabiliser (alternatively known as shock treatment) 

Step 2: Ensure your water pH is 7.4 

Step 3: Pour your first dose of Eco Cloro (70-100ml per m3 of water)


Regular maintenance: 10-20ml per m3 of water. 

Simply pour directly into your water or add via any traditional  manual/automatic dispenser.

Add fresh water or dechlorinate existing water for the best start. 

It is important to regularly test the pH of your water as it helps keep your water cleaner for longer. 


m3 of water is 1000 Litres. 

This is a concentrated formula so please pour and use with caution, using gloves and eye protection. 

Your 1000ml liquids are contained within a sealed recyclable white HDPE bottle.


Patented multi active oxygen pool disinfection liquid, containing biodegradable and naturally occurring ingredients including hydrogen peroxide (water with a hydrogen molecule H202), stabiliser and oxidisers.

Eco Cloro eventually biodegrades into oxygen and water once it finishes disinfecting. 

4 reviews for Eco Cloro Essentials Bundle

  1. Paula Heaton

    Great products, I was recommended this by a friend and it’s so much better than what we were using, love it 💕

  2. Mark Weir

    Have been looking for a product like this for years. Chlorine was so bad for my daughters skin and this is just fantastic.

  3. Fiona Hamilton

    Completely odourless and my skin feels so much better. Very very happy with this!!

  4. Mark Fegan

    Feels great, no annoying chlorine smell and it’s definitely softer on my skin! Great buy, very happy

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